Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Department Of Unnecessary Redundancy

Welp, this was in my mail today. A political flyer. Didn't we just have an election a couple of years ago? Cheezus, how often do they expect us to go out and vote? I've got TV series to binge watch here. 

Normally whenever I see one of these things it goes right from the mailbox into the trash. But something about this particular one from Ms Wendy McNamara caught my eye. No, not the fact that she doesn't know that when her name is written in all caps, the "c" should still be lower case.

I'm talking about her little campaign slogan there. "Limiting Bureaucracy By Cutting Red Tape." At first glance it seems like a reasonable, if bland, blurb. But wait a minute... bureaucracy and red tape are the same thing! They both mean "excessive government paperwork or procedures." In effect she's saying the same thing twice. 

She might as well say "Making Things Better By Improving Them."

I've got a better slogan idea for her: "Winning The Election By Hiring A Better Copywriter."

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