Monday, April 28, 2014

Why Do They Call Them Comics: Snuffy Smith

Apparently we're to believe that backwoods hillbilly Snuffy Smith somehow has a working knowledge of the Many Worlds Theory Of Quantum Mechanics, and believes that every action we take causes a parallel world to be formed in the multiverse. Got it.

That's quite impressive for an illiterate scofflaw who by all rights shouldn't even be aware that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Apparently Sheriff Tate has at least a passing familiarity with cosmic theory as well, since he knowingly brushes aside Smith's elaborately concocted excuse instead of saying, "What in the name of Lil' Abner ripoffs are you talking about, you grotesque, drunken hillbilly?" as one would expect.

Looks like artist/writer John Rose is set on injecting his own likes and interests into this legacy strip no matter how inappropriate the results.

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