Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Math Is Hard: Obamacare Edition

Yesterday the incredibly fair and balanced Fox News aired this informative graph, which attempted to illustrate the current shortfall in Obamacare enrollment (which is pretty much all they've talked about on air for the past year).

As you can see, they apparently went back in time and hired my twelve year old self to create the chart for them. Only a kid with math skills like mine at that age could have made a chart that shows six million equal to roughly a third of seven million. Fair and balanced indeed!

Whatever your feelings toward Obamacare, you've got to admit that's some twisted math there.

Later in the day they aired a "corrected" version of the chart, accompanied by an apology from Fox anchor Bill Hemmer. Which of course translates to "an intern noticed our chart was being ruthlessly mocked on every blog in the country, and we hurriedly tried to salvage what little credibility we could."

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