Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Les Miserables 2014

Congratulations to my home town of Evansville, Indiana. For the second year in a row we've made the Gallop poll listing the Most Miserable Cities In America! Huzzah!

The news wasn't quite as good as last year, when we were ranked 8th Most Miserable City. This year we barely squeaked in at #10. Whew!
So just what is that special something (or somethings) that put Evansville on the list? Is it the fact that it's a cultural wasteland, the highlight of which is the Annual Nut Club Fall Festival? Is it the new Boondoggle Stadium, er, I mean the Ford Center, which was guaranteed to completely revitalize the downtown area but has had no effect whatsoever? Is it the labyrinthine street layout that makes it a chore to drive even three blocks, much less to the other side of town?

Is it the fact that the city's signature dish and claim to fame is a brain sandwich?

Whatever the reason, here's a big, miserable shout out to you Evansville! Good luck in 2015!

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