Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What's Setting Off The Irony-O-Meter This Week?

This week inexplicably best-selling author Nicholas Sparks announced he and his wife are separating after twenty five years of marriage. Whoops! The Irony-O-Meter's beeping!

Sparks is the author of many treacly love stories that cause women to reach for the tissues and men to scramble for the exit, such as The Notebook, The Best Of Me, The Last Song, Nights In Rodanthe, Safe Haven (the one with the ghost) and A Walk To Remember. Uh-oh! Now the Irony-O-Meter's in the red!

According to Sparks, he met his wife Cathy in college and told her he'd marry her someday after just one date. She was also the inspiration for many of the female characters in his works. Apparently Sparks doesn't practice what he preaches in his novels. Yikes! Look at that! The Iron-O-Meter just exploded!

In light of this news, I wonder if Sparks will be issuing refunds to everyone who paid to read or watch his maudlin, hollow love stories? Do they come with some sort of guarantee?

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