Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Do They Call The Comics: B.C., The Wizard Of Id and Nancy

If you've ever stood in the secret armory behind the fake wall in your basement, oiling your .357 Magnum while staring up at your autographed photo of Senator Ted Cruz and pondering to yourself, "I wonder where the creators of the B.C. comic strip stand on gun control," then this is your lucky day.

I'm aware of the fact that many of my blog posts tend to be pedantic, and try to tone it down as much as my over-analytical mind will allow. That said, I feel compelled to point out that there's absolutely nothing about this strip makes a lick of sense.

Spook the Prisoner is trying to tunnel out of his dungeon, as Turnkey catches him and sentences him to solitary confinement. But what kind of holding cell would afford a prisoner the privacy he'd need to dig an escape route? Some sort of solitary, confining cubicle, perhaps?

He's then hustled from solitary to Double Secret Solitary, which we see is already occupied by an incarcerated street walker. I get the joke— prison overcrowding is hilarious! But the disconnect between the art and the dialog doesn't even make sense in an absurdist way.

I kind of wonder if this is some old strip that's been repurposed with new text, which didn't quite work out the way Parker intended.

Nancy has never been known for being on the cutting edge of popular culture, but Jesus Christ! John Mellancamp dropped the "Cougar" from his name in 1983. Thirty two years ago. Timely!

Even as an "old people are weird" reference, this one is well past its expiration date.

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