Monday, July 6, 2015

This Week In Ridiculous TV Programming Decisions

TVLAND Executive Pulls Reruns Of The Dukes Of Hazzard Due To The Fact It's An Awful, Awful Show

NEW YORK, NEW YORK– This week Phillipe Dauman, President and CEO of Viacom Inc., made the controversial decision to pull reruns of 1980s series The Dukes Of Hazzard from the TVLand lineup. The network, which is owned by parent company Viacom, regularly airs older TV shows as well as some original content.

"I know this is going to be a contentious decision," said Dauman. "The series has been airing for so many decades it's become a tradition in some parts of the country, and many viewers feel a sense of pride when it's displayed on their TV screens. It's become steeped in our popular culture."

"Despite this classic status, many viewers forget it was universally panned when it first appeared," said Dauman. "It's high time we pulled it from the lineup."

When asked why pull the series after so many years, Dauman replied, "Of course I've been aware of The Dukes Of Hazzard for years now, but I've never actually sat down and watched an entire episode. Not even a minute of one."

"Then last weekend I had a flight delay, so I had a couple of hours to kill," said Dauman. "The TV in the lounge just happened to be tuned to our network, and it just happened to be playing an episode of Hazzard, so I finally watched it."

"I... I could barely believe what I was seeing," said a visibly shaken Dauman. "The appalling Southern stereotypes, the rampant sexism, the buffoonish authority figures, the cartoonish physics... I was absolutely aghast. And here we've been playing all 145 episodes of this awful series for years!"

"I immediately contacted the programming director and ordered him to pull the series from the air. It was a controversial decision, as I understand it's still popular in certain areas of the country, but such an insulting and offensive show has no place in our modern world."

Bauman went on to add, "Did you know that Sorrell Booke, who played Boss Hogg, was a classically trained stage actor? The man was a counterintelligence officer in the Korean War, and fluent in five languages! And to think he was reduced to whoring himself out on a terrible, terrible show like this."

"Dear god. I didn't know. F-forgive me. I didn't know." Dauman then trailed off and stared down at his hands, remaining silent for a full twenty minutes.

Dauman has since begun closely examining the rest of the TVLand lineup, and has already pulled other really awful shows such as Punky Brewster, Supertrain, Galactica 1980, Pink Lady And Jeff, AfterMASH, The Flying Nun, Hello Larry, Joanie Loves Chachi, Me And The Chimp, The Ropers, She's The Sheriff, Small Wonder and Who's The Boss?

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  1. Noooo ! They can't pull Joanie Loves Cha-Chi ! I'm emotionally invested :-(


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