Friday, July 29, 2016

Super Cousins

Now that the Supergirl TV series has moved from CBS to The CW where it belongs, the producers announced they've decided to include Kara's cousin Superman in Season 2!

Finally! At long last, we'll no longer be treated to endless scenes of Superman almost showing up. No more teases featuring blurry images of him obscured by sunlight. No more shots of just his hand, or even worse, his boots.

Superman/Clark Kent will be played by actor Tyler Hoechlin, whoever that is. So far it's not known if he'll be in every episode, or appear as the occasional guest star. If I was a bettin' man, I'd guess the latter.

Hoechlin is definitely a more… slender Superman, especially when compared to his cinematic counterpart. Actually I'm OK with that. Christopher Reeve, the best cinematic Superman to date, wasn't a hulking behemoth either. 

Based on that photo, Hoechlin seems to have a startlingly small noggin as well. I'm hoping that's just the result of some bad Photoshop retouching or the low angle of the photo.

I see they're going with the horrible, horrible Henry Cavill version of the Superman costume. The one that's way too dark and features a slimy, off-putting lizard-like texture. Worst of all, he's still missing his goddamned trunks. This has been a sticking point for me ever since Man Of Steel, and I'm never going to get used to it.

It's just so bizarre to me that DC has actively issued an edict banishing trunks from all their superhero characters, in an effort to be more "realistic." Because a man who can fly, shoot heat rays from his eyes and bounce bullets off his chest makes perfect sense, but one who wears trunks on the outside of his suit— well, that's just absurd.

Seeing this version of Superman next to Supergirl only highlights the fact that the costume desperately needs something to break up the design and add some much needed color to it. Like a pair of red trunks. His costume just plain looks wrong without them.

And what's up with those lens flares at the side? Are we sure this isn't a JJ Abrams project?

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