Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life With Max Update: The Dog Bed Part 2

Late last year I babysat my friend's dog Max for three weeks. You can read about his adventures at my house here.

A couple weeks ago I posted this photo of Max, a medium-sized dog we believe is a boxer/pitt pull mix, trying to fit in his little sister's comically undersized bed. 

Rosie, by the way, is a tiny dachshund. This bed is the perfect size for her. Not so much for Max, who insists on trying to squeeze into it anyway.

Here are a couple of other shots of Max insisting on sleeping in this tiny bed. It's hard to get any sense of scale from these photos, but for reference, Rosie's bed is probably about fifteen inches across. Maybe the size of a large pizza.

I don't know what's up with Max's face here. His wide-eyed expression makes it look like he's thinking, "I've made a huge mistake."

Here's a final shot of Max not fitting in the bed. He's pretty good at the sad eye thing.

Before anyone calls PETA on my friend, no one's forcing Max to sleep in a bed that's five sizes too small for him. He has a comfortable and spacious bed of his own downstairs. I guess he doesn't realize just how big he is, and thinks he can fit into Rosie's bed.


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