Thursday, January 12, 2017

Never Mind, I Guess

A few days ago I reported that George Lucas was trying in vain to find a city to host his FREE Museum Of Narrative Art. Chicago, San Francisco and LA all turned up their nose at his generous offer, even though he was willing to foot the $1.5 BILLION DOLLAR bill himself. 

I suggested he bring his museum to my hometown of Evansville, Indiana, as we currently have a large vacant lot in the middle of the city after a proposed park project crashed and burned.

But it's not to be. It seems LA took a second look at his proposal, and decided that a FREE museum wasn't such a bad deal after all, and finally accepted George's offer.

Ah well. Evansville will just have to fill that empty spot with the Aglet Museum, The Museum of Lawnmowers, Tractors And Plows, the Celebrity Pus Museum or the Museum Of Infamous Trusses. Make your travel plans today!

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