Monday, January 16, 2017

Life With Max Update: The Dog Bed

Late last year I babysat my friend's dog Max for three weeks. You can read about his adventures at my house here.

Max is back at his own house now. Here's a shot of him sitting in his little sister Rosie's tiny bed.

There's not much around him for scale in that photo, so you really can't tell just how big he is. Rosie's bed is probably fifteen inches or so across. About the size of a medium pizza. Max is probably two and a half feet long. Somehow he squeezed and contorted himself until he fit into that bed.

I guess cats aren't the only ones who think, "If I fits, I sits."

For the record, here's Max's sister Rosie. Yes, that's a dachshund wearing pajamas. She's not the least bit spoiled.

And here's Rosie draping herself across Max. Fortunately they get along pretty well.

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