Sunday, January 29, 2017

Anti Christmas Creep?

Back on November 8, 2016, I wrote that I spotted the first Xmas tree of the season in the window of a house in my neighborhood. That was almost two full months before Xmas, which seemed wayyyyy to early to be puttin' up a damned tree.

Welp, I guess it goes both ways. Last night I went for a walk around the neighborhood and spotted fully lit Xmas trees in the windows of 2, count 'em two homes! It's the end of January! Take 'em down, already! 

I hope they're not real trees, or they'll burst into flame if you even say the word "match." Heck, they'd probably go up like a torch if you even stared at them too hard.

What's the opposite of Christmas Creep? Christmas Bloat? Christmas Stretch?


  1. If they are Orthodox Christians, they didn't celebrate Christmas until January 7, and might not be as slow as others...

  2. But would Orthodox Christians have a tree in the first place? I thought they shunned the giving of gifts and all the commercial aspects of Xmas.

    1. I wasn't sure so i poked around a bit. It seems that Orthodox Xians, while not huge into the xmas trees and decorations and etc..., do put them up - at least some do.


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