Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do You Feel Lcky, Pnk?

We don't need no stinkin' vowels!

This is a gun shop down the street from my dentist's office. I'm honestly curious to know what happened here. As near as I can figure it, there are 5 possiblilites:

1. The owner is trying to avoid a lawsuit from Clint Eastwood and Warner Bros.

2. The sign company charged by the letter, and one more was apparently a deal breaker.

3. It's a typo, and the owner signed off on it without proofreading.

4. The owner genuinely believes that "dirty" is spelled this way.

5. "l33t-speak" has already infiltrated every facet of society (I'm a bit concerned that my spell check didn't flag "l33t").

I will give them props for actually using an apostrophe correctly, something which has seemingly become a lost art in our society.


  1. maybe they left out the period, and it's supposed to say "Dr. Ty Harry's"

    on how to use it


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