Monday, May 11, 2009

Spock Gives The New Star Trek Movie 4 Fingers And A Thumb Up!

Animated Spock sez
Run, don't walk to the new Star Trek movie!

I really enjoyed this movie. The pace was non-stop, it was action packed and exciting, and most of all fun! When was the last time you could say that about a Star Trek movie?

This was just what Trek needed-- a fresh start. If you add up all five series, there are over 700 episodes, plus an animated series and ten movies. The franchise was starting to collapse under the weight of all that continuity. Every plot and line of dialogue had to be measured against the hundreds of hours of material that went before, lest it conflict with a comment made by a character 30 years ago. This wasn't an option, it was required by the hardcore fans. Starting over with a (mostly) clean slate was the perfect solution.

I wasn't sure how I would feel seeing new actors playing the old familiar characters, but after a few minutes I didn't even think about it-- I totally accepted them in the roles. I guess that shouldn't have come as a surprise; look at how many different actors have played classic characters like Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes throughout the years. I thought the new cast all did a great job-- the new Dr. McCoy was excellent!

I'm still not sure what Tyler Perry was doing in the movie. At least he wasn't wearing a wig and a dress.

Seeing the cast run around on screen in those old school (yet updated) colored shirts made me really happy. I didn't realize until I saw the characters again that I missed them.

Some hard core fans may say the new movie's long on action and short on traditional Star Trek substance, but that's fine with me-- we've had 40 plus years of preachy Star Trek; it's time for a new approach. Besides, I'm a little weary of getting hit over the head by thinly veiled messages. I already know racism is bad, I don't need a "white on one side, black on the other side alien" to tell me so.

Bring on the sequels! I just have one request to J.J. Abrams-- you've created a new timeline and as a result you have an entirely new universe to explore. Please give us some new stories, and don't recycle any old plots. We don't need Nestor Carbonell or Wilmer Valderrama as Khan, thanks.

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