Monday, May 11, 2009

Still More Old Stuff

As I mentioned in the previous post, I worked at the local newspaper for seven years. Occasionally I would need some art or a character for an ad, and most times I found it was quicker for me to just draw what I needed rather than search through endless pages of clip art for a couple of hours and still not find what I was looking for.

So here's some more of the art I did during my time at the newspaper.

Turkey Shoot. Again with the turkeys! This was for a Thanksgiving Sale, obviously. For some reason I drew a lot of turkeys for auto ads during my stint at the paper. Maybe because the dealerships would give away turkeys if you took a test drive?

All I have to say is that this particular turkey is a turncoat and a Judas. What do you traditionally shoot on Thanksgiving? Turkeys! So what's he doing holding a musket? What else are we to think but that he's gone over to the other side and is hunting down his own kind? He's even garbed himself in the trappings of his mortal enemy, the Pilgrim. I hope the reward they promised you was worth it, sir... and I hope you can live with what you've done.

Penciled, scanned into Photoshop where color and shading was added.

Sweeping Lady. Yet another drawing for an auto ad. She's "Sweeping Away High Prices!" Get it? Every car dealer in the country thinks they're the first to ever come up with that one.

She owes more than a little to Carol Burnett's Charwoman character, but when the client says they want a frumpy woman in curlers sweeping with a broom, there's only so much you can do.

Penciled, inked, scanned into Photoshop where color & shading were added.

Uncle Sam. Auto dealerships loooooove running holiday themed ads. Hopefully Uncle Sam got a permit or an OK from the authorities before lighting up that illegal sparkler.

Drawn in pencil, scanned into Photoshop where color & shading were added.

Truck vs. Truck. It's like "Spy vs. Spy," but with trucks! This was drawn for a Chevy dealership's auto ad that was talking smack about the inferior quality of Fords. I bet the local Ford dealership loved that.

I remember it being tough to draw cartoony, yet still recognizable models of trucks.

Drawn in pencil, scanned into Photoshop where color and shading was added.

Trunk Monkey. This was drawn for an ad campaign for a local auto dealer, but was ultimately not used.

I think the reason it was scrapped is because there were actual Trunk Monkey commercials and the makers didn't take kindly to the local dealer using it in his ad without their permission. To be honest I don't even know what Trunk Monkey is. Some kind of anti-theft device? I'm not even sure it's an actual product. I think it might just be a series of humorous commercials.

Whatever it is, it was drawn with pencil, then scanned into Photoshop where color was added.

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