Monday, May 11, 2009

More Old Stuff

As I mentioned in the previous post, I worked at the local newspaper for seven years. Occasionally I would need some art or a character for an ad, and most times I found it was quicker for me to just draw what I needed rather than search through endless pages of clip art for a couple of hours and still not find what I was looking for.

So here's some more of the art I did during my time at the newspaper.

Junk Car. This was for an auto ad suggesting that it might be time for you to replace your old vehicle. This was a fun one to draw. I think we've all had a car like this at one time or another.

Drawn in pencil and scanned into Photoshop where color & shading were added.

Crowded Car. This was for another auto ad (for the same dealership), suggesting it might be time to ditch your carpool and enter the wonderful world of monthly car payments.

As usual, there was an extremely tight deadline for this drawing. In order to save time I retooled the Junk Car drawing into this one.

Early Bird. This was for an "Early Bird Sale" auto ad. Get it? Early bird sale, and he's a bird who's up early! Comedy Ahoy! Apparently Yakov Smirnoff writes copy for auto ads in his spare time.

Drawn in pencil, scanned into Photoshop where color was added.

The Price Slasher. This was for a "We're Slashing Our Prices" auto ad. You'd think an auto dealership would not want people associating their four wheeled death traps with the Grim Reaper, but what do I know?

I actually had time to pencil and ink this one before scanning it into Photoshop where color & shading were added.

Too Much Inventory Guy. This was for a "We've Got To Reduce Our Inventory Before The Tax Deadline" auto ad.

If I remember correctly I think he started out as "Reeling From Sticker Shock Guy." The paper in his hand originally read, "Bill" or "Invoice." Hey, there's nothing wrong with re-purposing drawings when you've only got half an hour to make an entire ad.

Drawn in pencil, scanned into Photoshop where color and shading was added.

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