Monday, May 4, 2009

Animated Spock

Here's the original sketch I made of animated Spock.

And here's the finished version.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I drew the color version in my ancient copy of Freehand. This was before I had my graphic tablet, so it was drawn with the mouse. Because of this, I didn't have any pressure sensitivity when I used the pen tool, so the variable line weights --such as in his nose-- are all fake. His nose isn't really a line, it's actually a filled object shaped sort of like a "C."

Now that I have a pen tool with proper pressure sensitivity, I should redraw him one of these days.


  1. this is so cool! i can't believe you drew that with a mouse! no wonder the graphic tablet was such a blessing for you. nice to see some of your pencil work too!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I can't believe I sat there for hours trying to fake line work.

    The sketch was actually done with an ink pen, not a pencil. I doodle a lot when I'm bored, usually with a pen.


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