Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've Got A Slightly Less Bad Feeling About This: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last week I posted a characteristically cranky entry about the appearance of the Rhino in the upcoming sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Even Spider-Manier. Specifically I was unhappy that instead of looking like a man in a rhinoceros get-up he was apparently going to look like a chubby Russian gangster wearing a track suit.

Happily it looks like I spoke too soon.

The latest set photos reveal that actor Paul Giamatti, who's playing the Rhino, will at some point in the film be wearing some sort of oversized battle armor. Armor that I'm hopeful will at least marginally resemble a rhinoceros.

I'm assuming that the armor will not actually look like this, since it only covers the top half of his body and appears to be carved out of styrofoam. I'm betting the actual armor will be all CGI and this getup is just a placeholder. The yellow and black motion tracking circles would tend to confirm that assumption. Well, that and the fact that it appears he's being wheeled around the set by several technicians.

He still doesn't look like the comic book version of the Rhino...

But it's quite a few steps up from this.

And this.

For the record my attitude toward this film has gone from "There's No Way In Hell I'll Pay To See It And I Hope A Chasm Opens In The Earth And Swallows Up All Existing Copies" to "Somewhat Cautiously Optimistic."

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