Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Captain Inaction

Everyone remembers Captain Action, the action figure adventure toy from the 1960s (that was recently revived and is available on toy shelves once again). Well, meet his lesser known brother, Captain Inaction!

Imagine the thrills you'll have with your brand new Captain Inaction figure. Thrill as you make him lie on his miniature couch and watch infomercials for six straight hours! Gasp in amazement as you pose him in front of his XBox 360 for a day and a half! Gape in astonishment as you stare at him standing motionless, not sure if he's sleeping or deep in thought! He's In-actastic!

Here's the original pen & ink sketch I did of the Captain.

And here's the tighter digital sketch. As you can see I decided to widen him a bit to better illustrate the effects of his inaction on his body. I referenced the real action figure here to get the costume details right instead of relying on my faulty memory as I did in the first sketch.

The chest symbol was of course based on the real Captain Action logo. I found a good reference image of it online and recreated it in InDesign. It was pretty simple; the hardest part was drawing the little highlights along the edges.

Now that I think about it I could have probably just used a jpeg off the internet and changed the center of it and it would have worked just fine for his chest emblem. Ah well. I enjoy drawing logos.

Once I had it drawn I imported it into Photoshop, shrank it, placed it on his chest and adjusted the perspective a bit.

I recreated the full logo in InDesign as well. I had to jostle things around a bit as I was adding two additional letters at the bottom.

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