Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real Life Oily Boids

 Saw this at the corner of my garage when I was mowing the lawn yesterday.

A robin decided to take up residence in the worst place possible, perched precariously atop the gutter drain. Or maybe it's actually the best place possible. She's shielded from the rain by the garage roof.

By the way, I'm not actually nine feet tall. I was standing on a ladder when I took this shot.

As you move in closer, you can see she's got a nest full of hungry kids there.

I can clearly see at least three little beaks. It's possible there may be a fourth baby crammed in there somewhere. I didn't want to get any closer because I didn't want to stress them out and inadvertently kill them, plus the nearby mama bird was livid by this point and I didn't want my eyes scratched out. And no, I didn't chase her away so I could take photos. She flies off every time I go out the back door of my house.

Probably another week, maybe two and they'll be ready to leave the nest so I can tear the ugly-ass thing down.

UPDATE: I seriously misjudged the age of these baby birds-- the very next day after I took these photos they all clumsily flew out of their nest after I apparently spooked them by walking past the garage.

Just one thing left to do before I go-- Instagram the photo! Nailed it!

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