Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's So Strange About Peace, Love And Solar Eclipses?

Yes, by all means behold today's "strange" and mysterious celestial event, called by some an "ee-klips." An event so "strange" it happens at least twice every single year.

Gasp in horror as the Yellow Face in the sky is seemingly devoured by the giant sky wolf Skoll, signalling the beginning of Ragnarok and covering Midgard in perpetual ice and snow. Rend your garments as you prostrate yourself upon the ground and beseech the gods old and new to strike against Skoll and banish him back to his Moon Cave. Round up the virgins in your holdfast and sacrifice them to appease the gods for delivering the world from an eternity of eternal darkness.

Your actions will surely please the gods and ensure that this "strange" celestial event never happens again!

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