Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Looks Kind Of Sketchy To Me

I drew this in my sketchbook recently and thought I'd post it. Yep, it's a wiener dog piloting a robotic battlesuit in a war-torn apocalyptic wasteland. I know, I know, that old subject again.

I'll let you in on a little secret: I kind of don't like drawing in sketchbooks. I have a ton of them but usually end up drawing on Post-It Notes or scrap paper. When I crack open a new sketchbook I always feel a little intimidated by its luxurious, pristine white pages. I'm terrified I'll draw a line wrong, which in my mind would "ruin" the whole book (like the dodgy lopsided moon in the upper left of this drawing). Honestly it kind of limits my creativity by making me draw rigidly and tentatively instead of fluidly. I'm trying to make myself like sketchbook drawing, but it's gonna be a long road. Just one more of the many psychological problems I need to work through.

Maybe one of these days when I have time (Haw!) I'll turn this sketch into a proper color illustration.

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