Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet The New Boss

This week Sony Pictures decided to cancel the Christmas day release of the new Seth Rogen film The Interview. The dark comedy, which concerns an assassination attempt on Kim Jong Un, was pulled when North Korean hackers threatened to blow up theaters showing the offending film.

Jesus wept. 

I guess some people just can't take a joke. I mean I don't particularly care for Seth Rogen's films either, but I don't go around blowing up theaters over it.

So... this effectively means North Korea now runs Hollywood, right? Hell, forget North Korea, now anyone with a computer and an AOL account can apparently decide what American moviegoers can and can't see.

I'm guessing the North Korean hackers have never heard of the Streisand Effect. They just made this undoubtedly mediocre and forgettable comedy the must-see picture of the year.

I'm sure Sony had their reasons for pulling the film, but there's no doubt that they just opened the door for more cyber-terror attacks like this. Not only did they open the door, they invited the terrorists in, told them to make themselves comfortable on the couch, brought them their slippers and a drink and handed them the remote. Expect more of this nonsense to happen in the near future.

It's just a pity we couldn't have convinced North Korea that this film insulted their Glorious Leader as well.

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