Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Strong, Silent Type

I braved the crowds today and saw The Hobbit: Butter Scraped Over Too Much Bread, er, I mean The Battle Of The Five Armies at my local cinplexery. 

You'll have to wait a day or three for my review of the film. In the meantime I just wanted to congratulate actor Stephen Hunter as Bombur, for the amazing feat of going through all three Hobbit films without uttering so much as a single word of dialogue.

Good job, Stephen! I know it probably wasn't easy wearing an enormous, heavy fat suit and filming in often grueling conditions for eighteen months just to be a glorified extra, but you managed it with style and grace. Well done!

I have to admit it does seem a bit puzzling that Hobbit director Peter Jackson would hire a talented, sought-after voice over artist for a totally wordless role, but hey, he's the one who's been knighted and has a shelf full of Oscars, not me.

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