Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Walking Dead Rewound

WARNING! The following post contains major Walking Dead spoilers! If you're not caught up on the show, proceed no further! You have been warned!

Last chance to turn back!

This week angry Walking Dead fans have launched a petition to undo the death of popular character Beth Greene, who was killed in this year's shocking Fall Finale.

Minutes after the death scene, appalled fans flocked to change.org and created a Bring Beth Back! petition. So far the petition has around 40,000 signatures.

The organizer of the petition said, "Beth's death was far too soon and the writers threw away the potential of a perfectly good character. Her story wasn’t over.” 

Yeah, well it seems pretty much over to me, what with all the shooting and the fragments and the hurting.

Look, people, I know Beth was a symbol of hope and her death was unexpected and hard to take, but that's just the nature of the show. Major characters die all the time on The Walking Dead. Sometimes several in the same episode. It's all part of the world in which the characters live.

If you can't handle the death of a fictional character, then maybe you'd be better off watching reruns of Here's Lucy.

It's unlikely that the petition will have any affect, especially since shooting on Season 5 has already wrapped. Even if it did somehow sway the producers, I'm at a loss as to how they could bring Beth back. She was shot clean through the head, so she couldn't even come back as a friendly zombie.

I suppose she could always return in flashbacks, or as a hallucination, ala Ghost Lori.

I know! Maybe they could have Victoria Principal wake up and hear someone in the shower, and when she pulls back the curtain she sees Beth inside! 

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