Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Marketing Genius

There's been yet another new wrinkle in The Interview saga!

Last week Sony announced they were canceling the release of the film, due to threats from North Korea, who vowed to commit 9/11-like attacks on any theater brazen enough to screen  it.

Sony's decision was met with near universal ridicule and outrage, and may have even paved the way for similar threats in the future.

Today Sony reversed their decision and announced they're going to release The Interview in a few select  theaters on Xmas day. And by select they most likely mean independents, not chains.


You know, if I was just a wee bit more paranoid, I might think that this was all part of some carefully orchestrated and ingenious marketing plan. Think about it. You've got a mediocre comedy on your hands that's probably not going to gross a huge amount of money. How do you sell it?

How about you make up a story about North Korea, the subject of the picture, threatening to blow up any theater who dares show it? Then you announce that for the good of the public, you're pulling the film. Nothing makes people desire something more than telling them they can't have it. 

You let the news outlets and bloggers have their field day with the story, generating tons of free publicity for you. Then you announce you're going to bravely defy those who would oppress you, and will release the film after all. Suddenly your run-of-the-mill little movie has become the must-see event of the season!

It's sheer genius, I tell you.

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