Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Week In Misleading DVD Covers

This week in This Week In Misleading DVD Covers, we take a look at the recently released complete series of Wings

Pretend you've never seen the show before, which probably isn't hard to do. Based on this cover alone, what do you think the series is about?

A. A group of misfit guardian angels who've all been assigned to the same person, and try to make his life better in order to earn their heavenly wings.

B. A band of disparate passengers who died in a plane crash and are struggling to adjust to life after death.

C. The lives of the wacky employees of a small Nantucket airport.

If you picked either A or B, you have a rational and ordered mind. You're also dead wrong. It's C. Yep, Wings is pretty much Cheers in an airport. But not as funny.

I guess the designer was trying for some kind of aerial theme here, showing the cast among the clouds. Unfortunately he failed miserably and it just looks like they're all dead and looking down at us from Heaven.

The "All 8 Hilarious Seasons" tagline is misleading as well.

This "heavenly host" theme has also infected Season 4 of Barney Miller. If I didn't know that Barn and the gang were policemen in New York's 12th Precinct, I'd be inclined to think they were some sort of angels as well, smiling beatifically down on the Big Apple while decked out in ultra-wide 1970s ties instead of halos.

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