Monday, June 8, 2015

Hillbilly Shark Attack!

Last week a family vacationing along the Tennessee River was shocked when they discovered a small shark in the water. This was significant as sharks tend to prefer salt water oceans, rather than fresh water rivers.

The family contacted Wildlife Conservation Officer Jay Lowery, who said it's unlikely that the shark got so far inland by itself, and was most likely placed in the river as a hoax.

Hoax or not, the idea of a shark attacking innocent swimmers in the Tennessee River's just too good for the Siffy Channel to pass up. I know what their next made-for-TV movie is gonna be!

Actually the Siffy Channel beat me to it. They already released a similar film back in 2011. At this point it's almost impossible to make up something too ridiculous for them to air!

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  1. How about "Shark Pool" ?


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