Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This Week In Impractical Special Edition Blu Ray Packaging

This week Fox revealed their new Die Hard Collection on blu ray.

The set, which contains all five films in the series, comes in a plastic replica of the Nakatomi Plaza from the original Die HardGuaranteed not to fit on your DVD and Blu ray shelf!

It seems like an odd bit of packaging, especially since the first movie is the only one to take place in the building, but, eh, what do I know?

In addition to the unwieldy and impractical plastic skyscraper, the set contains remastered versions of:

Die Hard aka The Good One.

Die Hard 2 aka The Slightly Less Good One That's Set In The Airport, In Which The Villains' Plan Hinges On A Blizzard They Couldn't Possibly Have Known Would Occur.

Die Hard With A Vengeance aka The Bad One Set All Over New York City, Which Totally Misses The Point Of The Die Hard "Trapped In A Blank" Theme.

Live Free Or Die Hard aka The Even Badder One In Which McClane Has Now Become An Indestructible Superhero, And Teams Up With The Annoying Mac Kid And Flies A Car Into A Helicopter Hovering In Midair.

A Good Day To Die Hard aka The Really Bad One In Which Super McClane Teams Up With His Equally Super Son And Destroys Russia But They Don't Get Thrown Into The Gulag.

The set is expected to cost a perfectly reasonable $150.

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