Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tales From The Video Store: Pitch Perfect

Unlike the majority of the world, I don't go in for all this convenient video-on-demand and FlixNet nonsense. Nosiree! Give me an old fashioned, inconvenient Video Store any day! The farther away from my house the better! You just never know what you're gonna find— or hear— when you browse the Video Store!

This Tale From The Video Store is 100% true.

So last weekend I was in the video store a few blocks from my home. While there I overheard a typical Kentuckiana couple as they browsed the shelves.
Man: Whut you wanna see?  
Woman: I don't care, whutever you wanna see.
Man: (clearly looking in the children's section): You see Pitch Perfeck anywhere?
Woman: Pitch Perfeck? I'll go ask.
(The Woman goes to the counter and returns a few minutes later)
Woman: They says they's got it, but it's on blu ray.
Man: Dang it.

Woman: (giving him the stink eye) Why you wanna see Pitch Perfeck anyway?
Man: Cuz, it's about softball.  
Woman: What!? No it ain't, it's about singin'!
Man: Nu-uh, it's about a softball team.
Woman: It's about a bunch of girls who sing! 
Man: It ain't neither, it's about a kid that pitches a perfeck game on his softball team! 
They wandered out of earshot after that. I dearly wish I could be a fly on the wall the day this man finally gets his hands on a copy of Pitch Perfect, so I could witness his reaction when he pops it in his player and learns the cold, hard truth.

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