Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daddy Issues

It was almost exactly one year ago that I reviewed Marvel's Guardians Of The GalaxyI liked the movie quite a bit, and it's become one of my all-time favorites. I've watched the blu ray at least a dozen times since it came out.

That said, despite my love for the film, even I have to admit that it's pretty much just a big-budget version of Farscape.

Both feature an Earth man who gets transported to the other side of the galaxy and becomes part of a crew of wacky aliens on the run from a space empire (and everyone else). It's the exact same characters and story! There's the smart ass human leading man, the beautiful and deadly female assassin, the stoic, hulking alien strongman, the wisecracking diminutive alien, and the serene plant-like alien.

That got me to thinking... 

At the very end of Guardians, we find out that Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt) is actually only half human. His father was apparently an extraterrestrial who visited Earth long enough to knock up his mother before returning back to space.

Obviously the identity of Peter's father is a huge deal, and will be dealt with in the sequels.

So here's my idea. Wouldn't Ben Browder of Farscape fame be the perfect choice to play Peter's father? Think about it. Browder's John Crichton was a smart-alecky space pilot who constantly had to talk his way out of trouble. That pretty much exactly describes Pratt's Peter Quill character. In fact Pratt already seems to be channelling Browder's performance.

Heck, Browder and Pratt even look remarkably alike. 

One small hiccup— Browder's only sixteen years older than Pratt, which makes him a bit young to play his father. A little bit of old age makeup would solve that problem though.

As cool an idea as this is, it'll never happen of course. Marvel no doubt will want to cast some distinguished older actor in the part, ala Michael Douglas in Ant-Man. Still, we can all dream.

C'mon, James Gunn! You're the director of these films. Make this happen! Don't make us stage a riot. You wouldn't like us when we're ang... whoops! Wrong movie!

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