Saturday, August 1, 2015

Would You Like To Know More?

DATELINE: ARGENTINA- Tragedy struck this week when a meteor appeared over the skies of Buenos Aires on July 30th, completely obliterating the city.

These amateur photos show a glowing green space rock with a long orange tail streaking across the night skies. The meteor impacted the city seconds later.

Dr Francisco Diego, Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London, confirmed that the meteor did not originate from our own solar system.

According to Diego, the large rock came from the Klendathu system, homeworld of our enemy the insectoid Bug race. Diego theorized that the meteor was blasted out of orbit around Klendathu by Bug plasma, and sent hurtling toward Earth.

Nothing lives in what was once called the Latin paradise. Buenos Aires has been wiped from the Earth.

Out of the ashed of Buenos Aires comes first, sorrow...

 ...then anger.

In Geneva the Federal Council convened. In a rousing speech, Sky Marshal Dienes stated, "We must meet the threat with our valor, our blood, indeed with our very lives, to ensure that human civilization, not insect, dominates this galaxy now, and ALWAYS!"

The Federal Council then officially declared war on Klendathu and the Bug race.

The Federation's Space Fleet has been mobilized and is invading the Bug Homeworld as we speak.


  1. I like how Sky Marshall Deines is an acronym for denies; perfect name for a high-ranking Government Goon.

  2. Hmm. I never noticed that before. I think it's hilarious that so many people totally miss the point of Starship Troopers. Most people think it's a boo-rah pro military movie, when it's really the exact opposite. Maybe it's a little too subtle.

    Like the Bug meteor. Taken at face value, it looks like the Bugs did knock an asteroid out of orbit and into the Earth. But that map they show indicates that's just not possible. Klendathu lies clear on the other side of the galaxy. Even if the Bugs were able to fling an asteroid at us and make all the millions of calculations to ensure it hit us, it would take it tens of thousands of years to get here. Longer if it was travelling at less than the speed of light.

    It's obvious that the Earth government bombed the planet themselves, in order to justify starting a war with the Bugs.

    1. Old post but nvm. I disagree because even the movie version of Arachnids found a way how to colonise other worlds and at least Brain bugs have really high level of intelligence. Plus why they just slaughtered the first colonists and didn't send some warning first? If Im not mistaken in the book bugs possess technology as well and outright nuke the Buenos Aires. It was just poorly explained in the movie. Also I think that many people actually do get the satire of the movie but enjoy the "boo-rah" as well anyway. Like I did. Because you know what? Im from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all ! ;)


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