Monday, November 30, 2015

Fantastic News!

As you're no doubt aware, this past summer 20th Century Fox released a steaming cinematic turd titled Fantastic 4 (or Fant4stic, as the poster claimed) into cineplexes around the country. 

The film was a spectacular failure in every measurable sense, as audiences stayed away in droves, the director underwent a public meltdown and disowned it, and even the actors themselves admitted it was crap (!).

Fantastic 4 was a colossal bomb, raking in about as much in its entire run as the previous two films grossed on each of their opening days. It grossed just $56 million in America (against its $120 million budget). 

As a fan of the Fantastic 4 comic book, all I have to say about the films failure is this.

Fox did their best to damage control the situation, ignoring the film's epically poor reception. Against all logic and reason they announced they were scheduling a sequel that would premiere in 2017! Fandom and Hollywood reacted with wonder and disbelief at this news. Who did Fox think they were kidding? Who would make a sequel to a film that lost a hundred million dollars?

Well, no one, that's who. Last week Fox quietly and without fanfare discreetly removed Fantastic 4 Part 2 (or whatever they planned to call it) from their schedule, desperately hoping no one would notice.

There may be a god after all.

Now all we have to do is get Fox to hand the rights to the Fantastic 4 back to Marvel where it belongs. If that happens, and it needs to, the world will be a better place. Think positive thoughts, readers!

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