Monday, November 30, 2015

A Slap In The Face!

Last year here at Bob Canada's BlogWorld I commented on the poster for the Christian disaster movie (in more ways than one) Left Behind. Specifically how the poster features a very bewildered-looking Nicolas Cage staring straight at the viewer.

His befuddled expression makes it look like for all the world like someone ran up and unexpectedly snapped his photo while he was waiting in line at the bank.

If you've ever wondered what someone would look like if you slapped them in the face with a fish, look no further than his expression right here.

Welp, looks like the Fish Slapping Bandit has struck again! 

I was in my local video store last night, and saw this DVD cover for Pay The Ghost. Note that our pal Nic is striking a nearly identical half-turned pose, just like he did for Left BehindBest of all, he's still got the same puzzled "fish-slapped" expression on his face! Awesome!

He's sort of doing the half turn thing here on the Frozen Ground cover, while the floating double of his head assumes a less extreme, but still perplexed expression.

He's finally turned to face us here on the cover of The Runner, but... he still looks fish-slaapped!

So what's the deal with this expression? Does Nic not like having his photo taken, so the publicity people have to sneak up on him? Or does he simply not know he's in these movies? Did he refuse to participate in them, so the director's surreptitiously filming him Bowfinger-style?

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