Monday, November 2, 2015

Wotta Waste!

Here's one last Halloween post before I stop talking about it until next year. Last week I was strolling through my local Target store, and noticed their huge selection of Halloween-themed greeting cards. Did I say huge? I meant vast.

All I can say is why?

Who the hell sends out Halloween cards? I certainly don't, and I can't remember ever getting one in the mail, ever. Am I the oddball here? Does everyone else sit down and address their Halloween cards every October 1st? Somehow I doubt it. 

I could maybe imagine some clingy, needy mother sending out Halloween cards to her ungrateful kids in a desperate attempt at guilting them into a phone call or text, but even that's a stretch.

This is obviously a manufactured need on the part of Hallmark and all the other card companies. They no doubt analyzed their sales charts and noticed that profits took an alarming dive every October. So they started pumping out Halloween cards, hoping the public would see them and think they're supposed to buy and send them to one another, even though no one in their right mind would ever do such a thing.

Every time I see the huge amount of Halloween cards sitting there I get a sick feeling in my stomach. What a complete and utter waste! Think about the tons upon tons of them that go unsold and are sent back to the card company or hauled away to the dump.

Think about all the other things that paper could have been used for. Infinitely more useful things, like newspapers, phone books and Thanksgiving cards!

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