Friday, November 6, 2015

Emotional Rescue

A few months ago I posted a series of Nine Other Emotions That Didn't Make The Cut In Pixar's "Inside/Out." It was a humorous look at, well, other emotional characters that didn't make it into the movie.

Looks like my little post was more accurate than I realized. According to Pete Docter, co-director of the film, the original story idea featured far more than five main emotion characters, including ones such as Schadenfreude, Hope, Pride and Ennui.

Before they whittled them down, the plan was to feature a whopping twenty six emotion characters. Twenty six! Can you believe it?

Are there even that many emotions? Surely not.

The only ones I'm personally familiar with are Rage, Intense Rage, Searing Rage, Blind Rage, White Hot Rage and Intense White Hot Searing Blinding Rage. That's only six. But I guess those Pixar guys know what they're talking about.

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