Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Change All The Damn Clocks In Your House Day!

I probably won't have time to post much here today, as I'm spending the day resetting the clocks in my house. I finally finished up in the kitchen, bathroom and the living room, and decided to take a brief rest. I'm almost in the home stretch!

Crap. I just remembered all my watches and the clock in the car. It's gonna be midnight before I get to bed! Actually I should say it'll be 1 am, but I'll be pretending it's midnight.

Faithful readers of my blog know my feelings toward Daylight Savings Time, so I won't dredge up the matter again.

I will say though that it seems like by now we ought to have clocks that reset themselves. Right now I've got a goddamned miniature computer in my pocket, but we can't invent a clock that moves its hand backwards by an inch twice a year?

I'm thiiiiis close to leaving my clocks on the same time year round and informing everyone they'll just have to deal with me being an hour early eight months out of the year.

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