Friday, December 4, 2015

Batman V Superman V Logic

This week the new trailer for the Dark Knight V Hopeman, er, I mean Batman V Superman movie was released. Yawn.

I absolutely hated Man Of Steel, and I don't much care for the grim and gritty Nolanesque version of Batman. I'm also not a fan of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns comic, that this movie's partly based on. So I couldn't be less excited about this film.

The trailer's quite a piece of work, as it neatly spells out the entire plot of the movie in two minutes or less. Seriously, after watching it I could sit down right now and bang out a version of the script that would be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. I don't see how there could be any surprises left when the actual film premieres next year. Way to go, trailer!

There was one scene in the trailer that I thought was absolutely hilarious and feel compelled to point out, so let the unfair and premature mocking begin!

At one point in the trailer, we see a family clinging precariously to the roof of their home as flood water rise all around them. In desperation they've painted an SOS to Superman, hoping against hope he'll appear and save them in time.

Wow, that is some damned impressive typography they painted on the roof of their house! Especially for people who are busy dying in a flood. They even added the little serif at the top of the "S!" This has got to be the house of a graphic designer.

"Honey, be careful! The sign's good enough! Get away from the edge of the roof before you fall in!"

"Are you crazy, Edna? If I don't get the curve of this S just right if we want Superman to save us! Otherwise he might fly down here and snap our necks in anger!"

Note that they apparently had the foresight to bring a bucket of paint, a brush and a paint tray up onto their roof, but apparently didn't bring any food or blankets.

You know, they could have saved a lot of time and effort and just painted "HELP" on their roof like normal humans would. Now the rescue copters are gonna pass them by because they only want help from Superman.

"Look down there, Joe! Some people trapped on their roof who need our help. You get the rope and I'll hover the copter above 'em."

"Eh, never mind, Charlie! They don't want our help. They're holdin' out fer Supes ta save 'em!"

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