Thursday, March 9, 2017

World's Greatest!

This week in Washington, President Trump and the Republican House finally made good on their threat to gut the U.S. healthcare system introduced their new replacement for the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare."

I thought it had to be part of an Onion article at first, but I checked it out and it's all too true. Believe it or not, Trump's replacement for Obamacare really is titled H.R.1275 - World's Greatest Healthcare Plan Of 2017. I swear to you I am not kidding here.

Sounds like someone in Washington has been reading their Orwell. With a name like that, this new plan must be doubleplusgood! Support the troops in the war against Eastasia! Or is it Eurasia this week? I can never remember.

The World's Greatest Healthcare Plan Of 2017 is just the latest in a series of tremendous new policies from our Glorious Leader Trump, as it accompanies his recent Totally Rad Muslim Ban and the Badass Off The Hook Mexican Border Wall.

I'm leaving work early today to start building my Giant Meteor Attractor.

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