Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Game Of Thrones

Attention, last minute shoppers! Still searching for the perfect Yuletide gift for the new parent and technophile on your list? Then I've got the item for you! The iPotty Activity Seat!

The iPotty is a special portable toilet training device that includes a special adjustable stand designed to hole your second through fourth generation iPad! 

Why should your toddler have to sit quietly and enjoy their own thoughts like a common peasant as they defecate when they could be surfing the internet in comfort? With the iPotty, you'll teach them to never let their attention waver from the alluring glow of the screen for even a second.

At only $34.99, the iPotty is made of sturdy plastic and features an attachable seat cover, removable potty seat,  and splash guard. 

Urine and fecal matter screen wipes not included.

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