Saturday, December 21, 2013

There Goes The Neighborhood!

A couple of weeks ago we got socked with a big winter storm in these parts, complete with two inches of ice and eight inches of snow on top of that.

But that was two weeks ago. As of yesterday, here's what my yard looked like, in all its dead, brown glory. As you can see, all traces of the several inches of ice and snow have completely disappeared.

In fact the ice and snow has vanished from all the neighboring yards as well. Nope, there's not a trace of snow left in the entire neighborhood.

Eh, well almost. Here's the house that sits directly across the street from me. What. The. Hell? Look at that! The entire yard is completely covered in snow. The roof too. How the hell is that even possible? I swear this is not Photoshop trickery, it's an un-retouched photo.

It's like the property is covered by some kind of invisible Stephen King-type dome, or I guess in this case, cube. It's like I'm looking at a giant snow globe.

I honestly don't understand what's happening here. Yes, the yard and roof are facing away from the sun and its melting rays, but so are all the adjoining houses, and their yards aren't isolated winter wonderlands. Look at how closely the snow follows the boundaries of their yard. Not one single flake of snow extends past their property line. It's downright eerie!

Is time frozen on this particular piece of property? Am I looking at a small slice of two weeks ago? If I go stand in their front yard will it still be December 6th?

I'm guessing a witch lives here. Whenever you see a street with only one house covered in snow, a witch did it. Yep, that's the only rational explanation.

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