Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Team Up Update

Welp, looks like it's time I got busy and updated this. Thanks a lot, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

So when I do get around to updating it and add The Day Of The Doctor episode, do I include just the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors plus the War Doctor, or will I need to include ALL of them? Including Peter Capaldi? Technically all thirteen made an appearance in the episode!

I'm also going to have to update this one of these days as well. 

I've got a bit more time to work on this one though. Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor won't debut until Xmas, and even then he's probably not going to wearing his official costume. We likely won't get a glimpse of that until the new season starts, which won't be until next freakin' fall! So there's no rush on this one.

Actually I'm not even sure how to go about updating it yet. Does the War Doctor, who I guess is now being called the Other Doctor, get a number? Is he really the Ninth, and everyone else moves up a notch? Show runner Steven Moffat has been shooting off his mouth lately saying that Matt Smith is really the Thirteenth Doctor (!). So I have no idea what the hell's going on. Maybe Moffat will clear it all up at Xmas, but I ain't holding my breath.


  1. I know its a lot of work but you got to include all of them, Capaldi, the War Doctor the lot. Also I'd love to see your designs on the other incarnations of the Master to go with the Delgardo one you've done.

  2. Please, more Master's.


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