Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The War Ninth(?) Other Doctor Action Figure!

Good news, everyone! This week Character Options/Underground Toys announced they're making an action figure of the War Doctor, played by John Hurt in The Day Of The Doctor! Woohoo!

This came as quite a surprise to fans of the show and the toys. It's an even bigger surprise figure that will be in the 5" scale! You know, the 5" scale that they discontinued earlier this year in favor of the tiny 3.75" scale. 

Now your War Doctor (or the "Other" Doctor as he's apparently now being called) will be in scale with your other eleven Doctor figures. 

Who knows, maybe there's still hope for the 5" line after all? Maybe we'll see a 5" Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor next year? 

This is an especially big deal in the world of toys because John Hurt has always adamantly denied permission to use his likeness on any action figure. I guess he must be a big Doctor Who fan.

The Other Doctor will be on sale in February 2014 (timely, considering the Anniversary Special was in November 2013!) and comes with his sonic, the Moment weapon accessory.

He also comes with a Paul McGann head, so you can swap it out and turn him into the Eighth Doctor from the mini episode The Night Of The Doctor! The Eighth Doctor didn't wear this exact outfit in that episode, but eh, I can live with it.

Or you can pose the Other Doctor holding McGann's head aloft in one hand, as if he's beheaded him for his effrontery! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. wonderful, got my ninth doctor, yes ninth dammit! coming any day now! Hmm, maybe I should mount the eighth's doctor on a toothpick pike, or on a robocop figurine.


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