Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jesus Is Just Alright

I saw this in a used book store over the weekend.

Wow, that is quite the image of Jesus there. Just look at those chisled cheekbones. Those tousled brown locks. The impossibly wide, toothy grin. The manly, lumberjack beard. The oddly asymmetrical eyes. It's all quite a departure from the standard depiction of Jesus.

In fact with those male model looks he seems like he'd be more at home on a package of Brawny paper towels than he does the Son Of Man. 

Fortunately I don't believe in hell, so I don't fear being sent there for my blasphemy.

By the way, regarding the title of this post-- what's up with that Jesus Is Just Alright song by the Doobie Brothers? Jesus is just "alright?" Alright as in "satisfactory or acceptable?" If they're really that into him and wanting to show it in song, shouldn't they be saying, "Jesus is super colossal awesome?"

OK, starting to get a little more scared of hell now.


  1. I used to hear that song as "Jesus is just a rat by me." Gives it a whole different twist!

  2. Try new Jesus Paper Towels. They wipe up any sin, with soul-cleansing power! *Actually, they do no such thing. They're just paper towels, folks.*


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