Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pest Problem

Holy crap! Earlier this week I was looking for a glue trap to catch a couple of wolf spiders that wandered into my living room. I didn't realize they sold traps big or strong enough to catch a rat or a goddamned snake! Snake traps! Can you imagine such a thing?

You know, if you've got so many snakes slithering through your home that you need to set out traps for them, maybe it's time to finally break down and call in that exorcist. Or replace that glowing jewel you stole from the eye socket of the Cthulhu statue in that dimension of pain you visited. Or just torch the place and start over somewhere else.

It's also gonna be fun if you set one of these things out and it actually catches a snake. It ain't gonna kill it, so good luck to you figuring out how to dispose of a pissed off snake struggling to unstick itself from a glue trap.

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  1. There are lots of ways to get rid of pests on your home, and yes, there are huge traps like that. It's made available for homeowners, and though it does a good job trapping rats or snakes, no death will come of it. In any case, I hope a lot of homeowners who aren't aware of that trap's existence will stumble upon your post. Thanks for sharing that, Bob! All the best to you!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest


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