Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Week In Ill-Advised Program Icons

So I'm watching The Flash on the CW last night, and I notice that whenever they run an in-house promo for one of their shows, they put these little icons in the corner of the screen.

They look like little squares with a letter inside, reminiscent of the Adobe icons on your computer.

For example, the icon for Arrow is a square with a stylized A, the cross section of which looks like a little bow. Clever, huh?

They use an S for Supernatural, a stylized J for Jane The Virgin, the number 100 for The 100, and then they mix it up a bit and use a lightning bolt for The Flash.

That's all well and good until we get to the icon for The Vampire Diaries. Yow... that... that's not good. That's not good at all. Those two letters should never be placed together, especially in a TV promo.

And the way the V is dripping. I know it's supposed to be blood, but with those two letters and the white color... it just looks like some sort of unpleasant discharge.

Hey, The CW. You use a lightning bolt in the icon for The Flash. How about for the Vampire diaries you use one with pointy teeth? Or a bat? Something, anything, besides VD.

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