Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Creep 2014

I went for a walk after work tonight-- after dark of course, thanks to the miracle of Daylight Savings Time-- and saw the first Xmas tree of the season in the window of a neighborhood home. Jesus Christ! It's only November 7, for Black Friday's sake! 

It's none of my business or course, but that just seems way, way, WAY too unacceptably, ridiculously early. And this is just the first day I happened to see it. It's entirely possible that it's been up long before today!

Isn't there some rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? I think there needs to be a similar rule-- nay, a full blown law-- that says no Xmas trees or decorations anywhere near Election Day.

And November 7th isn't even close to a record. In 2011 I spotted a tree on November 6th! And last year I saw one on the 4th! For the sake of these peoples' homeowner's policies I hope they're artificial trees!

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